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We have listed some of the questions we regularly receive below but are always happy to chat and answer any questions that you have.

Give us a call on 0800 473 8473 or send us a message through our contact form here.


We mainly cover the Auckland region, but through our partnership with World Moving & Storage, we can move you anywhere in New Zealand or overseas.

Our move consultants are here to help and know the right questions to ask to provide an accurate quote.

We recommend booking a free move consultation, which you can book here or by calling the team on 0800 473 8473.

We prefer to do move consultations in person at the property you will be moving from, but this can also be done virtually using a tool like WhatsApp or FaceTime.

At your free move consultation, we will talk you through our services, and ask about the help you need with your move and the property you are moving to.

We then like to do a tour of the property with you, to get an idea of how much you need to move, and we will ask questions as we go to help us provide an accurate quote.

We will create an “inventory list” that will be sent to you with the quote. You will be able to review this and confirm we have correctly identified the items you want us to move, and what you will be moving.

We are proud to work with all Retirement Villages across Auckland. In relation to your move, we liaise with the village prior to your move, confirming the best access areas and times to arrive. We check on the little details, like the size of the lift, and come prepared with the team members and equipment we need to make the move easy.


For best results, we like to have as much notice as possible so we can consult with you and plan our staff, truck and resources accordingly and efficiently. We also know allowing more time to declutter, sort and carefully pack can remove a lot of stress!

If you are moving into a village, they will likely provide you with a set move date. We recommend contacting our team as soon as you have a date confirmed.

We can provide the best estimate of the time required once we have completed a move consultation.

The moving team will fully unload the truck and place boxes/furniture in the correct rooms. You will need to be there to tell them where to place items. Anything the moving team has dismantled will be reassembled. The moving team can remove any wraps from the beds or sofas while they’re at your house, but they won’t fully unpack the boxes.

If you’ve paid for an unpacking service we’ll have a separate team come in (generally the following day) to unpack all of your boxes with your guidance, into cupboards, drawers and wardrobes. They can also leave some items boxed if that is your preference.

This is very common and something we often encourage to reduce stress and commitments on the “handover” day.

This will then give you plenty of time to clean your exited home and complete final readings and legal requirements. We can load the truck, hold it at our secure storage facility, and then deliver it at an agreed time on a day that suits your plans. Depending on your move there could be a small surcharge for this so please discuss the options with your move consultant.

Our experienced team take pride in a job well done and we have experienced very little damage. However, mistakes can happen. All goods are moved at the owners’ risk, but we can offer you different levels of insurance. Your move consultant can provide more information about this.


We ask that you pay a deposit of $400 when booking your move. You will be sent your quote by email and there will be a button you click to accept the quote. Once you do this you will be sent to a secure payment facility to complete the $400 deposit payment and secure your move date.

The total invoice is due two days prior to the move. We must have cleared funds before we undertake your move. If we are moving you at an hourly rate we will discuss payment options with you.

If you have a special arrangement in place for payment please ensure this is discussed with your move manager.

Payment options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit card. Specifically, Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Note: Credit card payments will incur a convenience fee. Visa, Mastercard (2.5% convenience fee). American Express (3.5% convenience fee)

We include all costs associated with your move in your quote based on the information you provide during your move consultation. Anything that is included or excluded will be clearly detailed in your quote, including an inventory of items we have quoted to move.

If you add services that change your original quote, such as packing, cleaning or unpacking, we will inform you of any additional costs for these services.


Yes, all our staff are police checked and their licences are monitored through the NZTA system TORO.

We have a loyal, trustworthy and experienced team. All our staff are on permanent waged contracts and take pride in a job well done. Our team receive training on the “Retirement Moving” way, whether that’s learning the latest packing techniques, or knowing to ensure the freezer is turned on and your priority carton is the last item on and the first item off the moving truck.


We have trained staff who can help you declutter for a move. This will normally involve:

  • Removal of items you do not wish to relocate to your new home.
  • Support with the donation, disposal or repurposing of unwanted items.
  • We work in partnership with All Heart NZ to ensure unwanted items are repurposed where possible.

Your move consultant can provide more information about this service.

There are some items of furniture that we will have tools for normal beds etc. There are some items that require a specialist. We can arrange the support of a handyman service for these items.

You can discuss any items that need to be disassembled/reassembled with your move consultant so they can plan for this.

As a general rule, if we take it apart, we will put it back together again.

Our team needs to be able to carry the freezer so it cannot be too heavy. For local moves, you can box the freezer contents beforehand and leave boxes in the freezer. We will remove the boxes, carry the freezer empty and then re-load the boxes back in once in the truck.

The trucks do not have power plugs, so for moves over longer distances, it is up to you how your frozen food is handled. Please note: We do not take any responsibility for fresh or frozen food if it is spoilt.

Yes. Fridges are large, heavy and bulky items already and having food in them adds to the weight.

Large, sturdy drawers filled with lighter items, such as summer clothes and bedding, can remain full. We recommend removing breakable items and packing these separately, and also removing heavy items (such as books, winter clothes, and paperwork) from drawers, as they can break the bottom of the drawers if the roads are rough.

Our teams can remove drawers from the unit to make it lighter to carry in and out of the house.

Loose miscellaneous items should be removed from small bedside or desk draws as these sometimes need to be transported on their sides.

We recommend that you disconnect your washing machine prior to the move day and ensure all water is drained to avoid leaks or flooding within your home when it is moved. We also ask that you arrange for your washing machine to be reconnected at your new property.

We are not permitted by law or by our insurers to carry anything that is highly flammable. Gas cylinders can be carried if they have been professionally purged and you can provide us with a certificate of purging, however, this is often not cost effective so other arrangements will need to be made.

Lawn mowers and garden machinery can be moved by us; however, you will need to drain all fuel before the moving day.

Yes, please discuss with your consultant where the best area will be for our truck to park. If you are moving to a village, we will coordinate this with them directly.

Difficulties with access not discussed and preapproved in our costs, may incur extra charges.

We recommend that someone who can make decisions is there while we pack up and move just in case any questions arise.


Yes, packing is an optional extra. All our staff are trained to pack anything in your home, and this is something we often manage, so our clients can concentrate on other tasks that need to be done for their move.

We can also just pack fragile or unusually shaped items, such as glassware.

Yes, we have a wide range of affordable, professional quality packing materials and cartons available for you to purchase. Sometimes we also have secondhand cartons that we can offer at half price too.

Yes, if the materials are suitable for the job we are happy to use them. If you let your move consultant know this is what you plan to do prior to your move, we can reassure you the cartons/materials you are using are appropriate.

Yes, of course! However, please ensure you use suitable cartons so that our crew are not held up or put at physical risk. e.g., please do not use huge cartons and fill them with books that would risk a back injury or use a large number of very small cartons that require lots of trips and can become uneconomic.

You are best to use good strong boxes that are designed for moving. Please ensure all boxes are filled right to the top and are taped closed. This will retain the box’s integrity and strength so we can stack them up in our trucks without crushing the contents.

Due to Health and Safety laws, our crew are not permitted to remove our shoes. However, they will lay down floor protectors in an attempt not to dirty the floor.

Yes, unpacking is an optional extra. We have an amazing team who can set up the whole house for you under your guidance (generally the following day), or they can work alongside you to speed up the unpacking and get you settled.

Yes, on the delivery day, we will remove all loose packaging, and can do one free collection of removal related materials shortly after your move date. Please flatten the cartons and keep everything dry. If general rubbish is added to the materials, a tipping and transport charge may apply.


We have lots of different storage options available. You can store with us for a day, a week or for years, and we make the whole process seamless. Our facilities are modern, and secure, have monitored alarms and have camera surveillance. Your move manager can provide more information about storage options and costs.

Note: Our facilities are bonded by Customs and MPI, which means it is not possible to draw from your storage on a regular basis. A traditional self-storage facility would be better suited, and we can recommend one for you.

Flammable items such as fuels and oil-based paints, gas bottles, indoor plants, and any opened food such as oils, sauces etc. cannot be stored.


There is no one-size fits all solution to moving home. Everyone’s requirements (and budget) are different, and we can tailor our move support to suit your needs.