Choosing the Right Packing Gear

Boxes, cartons, tape, paper, export wrap – what is it, what do you need and how much?

Having the right packing gear means that your belongings can be easily and efficiently relocated and will arrive undamaged. If we are packing for you, we will organise the packing gear you need. If you are packing yourself, we can provide you with packing gear or you can source this yourself. 

Priority Carton

This is top of the list as it is the one carton you need to keep track of on moving day! This is where you pack your essential items. Medication, keys, toiletries, important documents, anything you will want to access easily and quickly. We can provide a brightly coloured priority carton for you to use, or you can source one yourself. This can be loaded on the truck, or you can take it with you. 

Moving Cartons

Our removal cartons (boxes) are made from a double ply-board, which provide that extra bit of strength. You can purchase cartons from us, or source some from a local retailer. If you purchase from us these will be delivered to you and we can take them away after your move.  

Sizes that we can provide include:

  • Dish pack (60cm H x 45cm W x 45cm D)
    • Linen, blankets, cushions, towels, clothing 
  • Half dish pack (51cm H x 38cm W x 58cm D)
    • Best for heavy items such as plates, pantry items, cups, pots and pan etc.
  • Book carton (44cm H x 42cm W x 31cm D)
    • Books, files, paperwork, photo albums, photo frames 
  • Clothing carton (48cm H x 96cm W x 28cm D): 
    • Clothing directly off the hangers they can lay flat in here as well as linen
  • Picture pack (79cm H x 104cm W x 8cm D)
    • Wall hangings, prints, mirrors etc
  • TV cartons: we have a range of sizes to suit all TV’s

Blankets to Cover Furniture

We use blanket pads on every bit of furniture being moved and this is included in the cost. We will bring these with us and take them away after the furniture has been safely placed in your new home. This protects furniture from denting, scratching etc, but also protects the house if anything is accidentally scraped on the wall.

Packing Bags for Mattresses and Sofas

All beds and sofas can be wrapped in specially sized plastic bags/wrapped for an added layer of protection. There is an additional cost for this.  

Wrapping your most precious items: export wrap

This is the moving industries highest level of wrapping. Three layers of corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap and plastic, adding extra protection for your most valued items during the move. 

Other Packing Gear

Tape: You will need tape and lots of it! You can purchase this from us, or pick some up for a local store, like Bunnings. We recommend using thick, brown packing tape. 

Paper: We use plain butchers paper to wrap smaller items like plates and cups, or scrunch and use as a barrier between items so they don’t knock together. We also recommend scrunching paper into the corner of boxes to help make them as sturdy as possible. 

Why use professional packers?

Our professional team pack multiple properties each week. They are very methodical, so are able to fit a lot more into cartons and limit the amount of paper and cartons that are used. They are very good at what they do!