Your Pre-Move Checklist

It’s the simple things that are the easiest to forget when move day is looming! We have created a pre-move check list to help you prepare for moving day.

This list is below and also available to download and print here.  

1-2 weeks before your move:

  • Discontinue your utilities and confirm an end date:
    • Water
    • Power
    • Internet
    • Newspaper/magazine delivery
    • Other
  • Reconnect your utilities at your new property and confirm a start date (if relevant)
  • Notify your change of address to:
    • Your bank
    • Post office
    • Insurance company
    • Electoral role
    • Doctor

Top Tip: NZ Post has a free service to quickly notify organisations about a change of address. Click here.

  • Sort items to donate or dispose of and arrange for these items to be collected or dropped off
  •  Identify items to leave for the new owners and check they are on the chattels list
  •  Arrange for any brackets to be removed from the wall/s (if applicable)
  • Send back your booking form to Retirement Moving and pay your current move costs
  • Book any final services you require (such as exit cleaning, unpacking etc.)

 24-48 hours before your move: 

  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Empty and disconnect the washing machine/dryer/dishwasher
  • Put aside items for your priority carton (important documentation, medication, TV remotes, PJs, cabinet keys etc.)
  • Check the top of attics/wardrobes and outside to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything
  • Empty your fridge/freezer
  • Wash any outdoor items that will be moved

 On move day:

  • Complete a walk-through of your old property after the trucks have been loaded
  • Ensure all goods have been removed
  • Tighten all taps
  • Turn off the water heater
  • Read gas/electricity/water meters (take a photo for your records)